Year 4


In year 4 we have been learning about ‘sound’. The children loved creating their own cup and string phones, which they used to conduct an experiment into how sound travels. The children enjoyed our giant game of ‘pass the message’ too.  


In year 4 we have been reading the text ‘Jemmy Button’. This week the children have been learning about the real person who inspired the story ‘Jemmy Button’, a boy from Terra del Fuego named Orundellico. After researching the life of Orundellico, the children produced fantastic non-chronological re


Year 4 have been learninng about the famous brazilian Pop artist Romero Britto. They have explored his use of bright, bold colours for effect. The children also experiemented with different types of material in order to create their own pieces of art. They used ‘layering’ and bright contrasting colo