After School Clubs

A wide variety of clubs run most weeks of the school year. Here are some examples of what our children get up to before and after school.

Clubs start 3rd week of AUTUMN term                                                Clubs stop 2 weeks before CHRISTMAS

Clubs start 2nd week of SPRING term                                                  Clubs stop 1 week before EASTER

Clubs start 2nd week of SUMMER term                                               Clubs stop 2 weeks before SUMMER break


In both our KS1 and KS2 Dance clubs, which are run by our brilliant Dance Teacher Cheryl, children have plenty of fun and exercise as they are taught a range of dance moves and routines. We always enter the South Tyneside Dance Festival at the Customs House and put on a fabulous show.

Dance Festival!


As the name suggests, our Energy Clubs involves the children running off an awful lot of energy. Supported by the Change for Life initiative, our staff help the children play a range of fun (and tiring) games suited to either KS1 or KS2.

We have a highly successful UKS2 football team and some ambitious LKS2 footballers who train regularly together after school. They are put through their paces by our brilliant coach.

Our Netball Club practices after school every week on a Monday.

Most of our Year 6 pupils come to after school Booster classes in English and Maths to help them prepare for the SATs test in May.