What is a Specialist Resource Base?

A resource base is a specialist provision within a mainstream school.

Here at Hebburn Lakes Primary School we have 2 resource bases catering for children who have complex needs associated with their Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties and require more support than can be offered within a mainstream classroom. 

The bases hosts a maximum of 6 pupils aged five to seven years of age (Key Stage 1) and nine pupils aged seven to eleven years of age (Key Stage 2).

Visits to the school are welcome, should the professionals supporting your child feel this would be an appropriate setting for them. However, all admissions for the base are allocated via the SEND department at South Tyneside Council, therefore parents cannot apply to the school for a place in the SRB. Any queries about places in the SRB should be through your child’s school or SEND officer (where applicable).


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Our Specialist Resource Bases

Our Specialist Resource Bases aim to provide a safe, stable and secure, learning environment.  This is to enable children with complex emotional, social, mental health and behavioural difficulties, to reach their full potential and have the best possible chance of reintegrating into a mainstream setting. 

The primary focus for each child is to support them to develop personalised strategies which support their specific needs and help them build resilience. This in turn will lead to higher educational achievement and improvement of the child as a whole.

It is our aim, wherever possible, to support the partial or full time re-inclusion back into a mainstream setting. Where this is not possible, we will work with parents/carers and the Local Education Authority to determine the most appropriate setting to support your child’s needs. We do this through careful assessment, close monitoring, individualised teaching approaches and personalised interventions, whilst following the National curriculum.


All children have a Success Passport that includes their strengths as well as areas for development. Each class teacher will have a copy of their profile to ensure that their individual needs are met.    

We offer a range of additional interventions which are delivered by staff in the base. These may include one or more of the following 

  • Theraplay ® based intervention
  • Lego ® based intervention
  • Drawing and Talking Therapy
  • Social Stories / Social intervention and activities
  • Social, Emotional, Mental Health based Interventions. 

For additional information, please read the attached brochure.