What is Cultural Capital?

Cultural Capital is the accumulation of knowledge, behaviours, and skills that a student can draw open to be successful in education, society and their career.

Intent Statement:

Our intention is to ensure our curriculum extends opportunities, raises aspirations, and opens children’s eyes to the world beyond their immediate environment, enabling our children to live happy, healthy and productive lives and inspires them to achieve more.

How will we achieve this?

Our school values are to;
Work Together – by setting the highest expectations and levels of respect for each other
Learn Together – by having the courage and confidence to take risks and
Achieve Together – While aspiring to be the to best we can be throughout our journey to become independent lifelong learners

Part of our work in doing so is to ensure we provide exciting and inspiring experiences to broaden the children’s awareness of what our world has to offer. In turn, we believe that this will support them to create aspirational goals for their futures and use their skills, knowledge and attitudes to achieve them.