Year 5 were lucky enough to visit Chopwell Woods last week as part of their enrichment visit. We definitely took on the role of “I’m a survivor” in our activities throughout the day, which really focused on our survival skills, communication skills and teamwork.

We enjoyed taking part in an immersive learning experience, that involved choosing 3 “survival” items from a bag which would help us survive in the woods. The children came up with some amazing reasons as to why they chose each item; demonstrating real survival instincts.

Year 5 also enjoyed creating an S.O.S signal that could be seen from the sky in a rescue helicopter, using natural materials in the environment around them. We also took part in a fun game in which we had to select items from a bag and decide whether they were “safe” to eat or “poisonous” based on things we would find in the woods around us. Luckily we were not made to eat any conkers, berries or toads!

Finally, the children worked in teams to build a sturdy den as a shelter, using materials found on the forest floor and some materials provided. The children blew us away with how well they worked as a team, communicating with each other and demonstrating real “navigator” qualities. Year 5 were an absolute pleasure to take on this visit, their manners and behaviour was absolutely impeccable and were commented on multiple occasions, they made us exceptionally proud! They showed real resilience and a can do attitude all day throughout their activities, it’s safe to say we had an absolutely magical and memorable day!

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