It has been a productive fun filled last week of term in Nursery. The children learnt a brand new Spring song that they added their own actions and dance moves too. They have been very busy with Easter crafts including, cards, decorating eggs, painting chicks, making crosses to represent the Easter


As part of PSHE the children have been discussing what make them healthy.  They decided that if they take regular exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet it would be good for them.   The day was started with a exercise lesson and we felt our hearts beat faster at the end. We then sorted differen


We have been extremely busy in Nursery this week continuing to work on our topic of ‘Let’s Play’.  The children took turns and learnt to share playing with Mr. Potato Head, and talked about the features we added.  It was quite tricky to follow the instructions on  cards to build different things


Miss Smith brought us a special parcel that had been sent to us in the post, which said ‘Help Me!’ on the outside.  We opened it to reveal a duck and a letter.  The letter told us that the duck was called Quackers and that he had lost his mummy and he was asking the Nursery children to help him fi