A few months ago the School Council began to think about ways we could improve Hebburn Lakes Primary School. They asked their friends in their class to give some ideas.
Once we had collated this we sat together and decided which of the ideas could be possible and not be too costly!
Once we had our top 5 they then went back their classes and asked their friends to tell them why these ideas were so important.
We collated the information and then had a meeting with Mrs Moody and Mrs Redfurn to discuss our ideas and also the reasons why we would like these ideas introduced to school.
Mrs Moody and Mrs Redfurn were very impressed with how the School Council discussed the ideas and how passionate they were!
We have agreed to meet in 2 weeks time to hear back from Mrs Moody and Mrs Redfurn so watch this space!
Attached are the ideas and some of the very valid reasons as to why they would like to introduce these improvements.

I was very impressed with our School Council, they have really shone in their mature manner and also shown real passion! Well done!

Download (PDF, 197KB)


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