WOW! What an incredible day we have had.

Unfortunately, we arrived too early so we just HAD to keep ourselves entertained in the park whilst we waited!

Then the fun really began, from start to finish we were learning every step of the way. First we learned all about Saxon life by looking around the Saxon farm. The animals were excellent, the geese and goats were our favorite because they were so cheeky!

Then, we went to the village and we saw how Saxons built their houses, sheds and even their craft rooms! Whilst we were there, we experienced life as a Saxon and we heard the story of Beowulf as we sat around the fire.

After lunch, it was time to get down to the important business of law and order in Saxon times. We acted out court scenes and learned about what punishments were given for what crimes.

Finally, the time had come where no court could settle this dispute and we had to go into battle. We reenacted The Battle of Brunanburh and the Saxons were victorious!

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