As part of our LMTW theme ‘Food Glorious Food’ we have been looking at ‘sweet foods’   We have used the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ throughout the week including Drawing Club.  The children have been building the bears house using 3D shapes which was part of our maths this week. We talked about which shapes would be the best for building and why. They recreated the story, wrote captions, read instructions of how to make porridge and used their maths skills of full and empty to recreate the porridge scene, also using size to make sure the bears were in the corrects chairs! We tasted honey and talked about how it is a healthy sweet option and why.  We then ate a variety of sweet foods and timed how long it would take to eat them.  We talked about which took the longest/shortest times and why, using our science skills of how chocolate melts and why.  We looked at and discussed which sweet foods are healthy and which are not healthy, ask your children to tell you, they were experts!


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