Last week we came into Nursery to find someone or something had left footprints on our floor.  We looked at the clues and thought about what it could have been.  It had big feet and sharp claws and it had brought leaves and branches through the nursery too.  After some careful thought, we decided that it could have been a Gruffalo!

We have had lots of fun with our Gruffalo activities this week and last.

Some of the activities included;

  • retelling the story in the tuff tray and with the story stones
  • using our maths skills to order by size and recognise digits to 5
  • role playing in the Gruffalo Café and home corner
  • exploring habitats and animal homes
  • creating natural art inspired by the Gruffalo
  • heading out on a Gruffalo hunt in the garden
  • making play-dough Gruffalos
  • using shapes to make Gruffalo faces

Take a look at the photos to see what else we have been up to.

we have been up to.

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