Through history, we intend to help children gain a coherent and chronological understanding of Great Britain and of the wider world. We want to enable them to make connections between events in the past and the effects they have on life today, ultimately resulting in ‘today’ becoming tomorrow’s history.

We will develop children’s understanding of people’s lives, throughout time. They will also show knowledge of how different technologies, places and cultures have had an impact on the past, present and the future. Children will learn cause and effect, understanding how events in the past have shaped the future by creating a need for change. They will be able to identify similarities and differences between life then and now.

Our children will be able to ask questions, using historical vocabulary and be given the tools to develop their own answers, by analysing and judging different sources of evidence.

Children will be encouraged to empathise with the thoughts and actions of people in the past, understanding that values and attitudes of people in society have changed over time.