At Hebburn Lakes Primary our intention is to provide all pupils with a deepening knowledge and understanding about a range of religious and non-religious worldwide views so that they can:

-Describe and explain beliefs and theological concepts.

-Describe and explain some resources of authority and teachings within and across religious and non-religious traditions.

-Describe and explain ways and which beliefs are expressed.

-Know and understand the significance and impact of beliefs and practices on individuals, communities and society.

-Connect these all together in a coherent framework of beliefs and practices.

  • We strive to provide an understanding of specialist vocabulary.
  • To find out about and understand about religious diversity.
  • To know and understand how religion can be defined in varying ways.
  • To be able to gain skills that enable critical thinking and enquiry in relation to the subject matters they will study.
  • Finally we want the children to reflect on their own thoughts, feelings, experiences , ideas, values and beliefs

At Hebburn Lakes we love to display the work we do so it can be celebrated by all.