At Hebburn Lakes we are keen to promote the study of a foreign language because of its increasing importance in the modern world. There is increasing recognition that enriching the curriculum and releasing children’s creative energy through languages reinforces their understanding of the basics and helps them enjoy a broader and balanced curriculum. The experience of learning and using a foreign language makes its unique contribution to the whole curriculum by taking children out of the familiar environment which is pervaded by English and allowing them to explore the life-style and culture of another land, through the medium of its language. This in turn provides a satisfying, enjoyable and challenging experience for children in coping with a different linguistic medium.

We learn French with a specialist teacher called Madame Dunlop and this happens every Tuesday with KS2. We start with learning to pronounce and recognise everyday words and numbers in French through listening and speaking. Then we move onto reading writing words and phrases using the correct grammar.

We love learning French with Madame Dunlop!