At Hebburn Lakes Primary School, our intent is to provide a Music curriculum that engages and inspires our children into the world of Music. Within this, the children will become aware that Music reflects the culture and society we live in, both now and historically, as well as allowing them to better understand the traditions and stories of the wider world.

The children will be shown that they have the opportunity to share their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through the medium of Music and that Music enables us to understand, process and express our emotions.

Music is important in developing individual discipline, focus and memory. Whether we are singing, playing, or listening, we develop our aural discrimination through music, which is an important part of communication and literacy.

Through our Music curriculum, we provide our children with the opportunity to enjoy, listen to, play and engage with Music, thus igniting a lifelong love of the world of Music.  Language and communication skills progress through the themes taught, further improving the children’s ability to express themselves.  A sense of achievement and self-esteem are raised through composing and performing to peers.  Experiencing Music in all its forms will ultimately help enhance our children’s cultural capital for use in future years.

Music is taught through our Learning Means the World thematic units.

Peripatetics are used for the specialist teaching of instruments including the Ukulele, recorder and Samba Drums. Music teaching and learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom.