Geography News


As part of our theme ‘Come Fly With Me Asia’  we have been cooking.  Mrs Sikka (and with the help of her sous chefs) created a wonderful Lentil Dahl Curry. We then had a taste of the curry, naan bread and poppadoms which was a huge success and we have included the recipe just in case you want to t


Yesterday we talked about the spices that are used in traditional Indian food. We then had a smell and some children had a taste, I was very impressed. The children pretended to be a sacred elephant when they were outside and we also practiced our Bollywood dancing.  They were amazing.


This week in Learning Means the World ‘Come Fly with me Asia’ Reception Blue flew on their magic carpet to India.  The children have learnt about Indian culture and how Mrs Sikka’s family originated from India. The children found this fascinating as Mrs Sikka explained many of the different customs


This week in our LMTW  theme ‘Come fly with me Asia’  we have looked at Chinese traditions, including New Year.  We tried some Chinese food,  wrote our names in the style of Chinese writing, looked at traditional dress, designing our own and had a race, just like the animals in the Chinese Zodia


Year 4 have been enjoying their new theme, ‘Come Fly With Me Africa’, which is taking them on a journey to the continent of Africa. This week they have been learning about ‘The Big Five’ and have shown their excellent Geography skills when locating the countries in which the ‘Big Five’ animals live.


We started our new Learning Means The World theme, The Arctic and used our Geography skills to find the Arctic and other continents on a map.  Then we compared  the weather in this part of the world with our weather. Next we  experimented with ice in our Science lessons and tried to think of plac


This week we started our new Learning Means The World Theme, ‘Under the Sea’.  We spent some time exploring the sea creatures, shells and other objects we could see in our ocean tuff tray.  Then we created our own seaside scenes, placing shells, stones and sea creatures where we thought they shoul


Our new ‘ Learning Means The World ‘ theme this half term is ‘Come fly with me, Asia’ The first country we visited was China 🇨🇳. We have looked at Chinese artefacts and also pictures of places, animals and items from Chinese culture. Then we looked at places we could visit in China and dec