History News


Yesterday we talked about the spices that are used in traditional Indian food. We then had a smell and some children had a taste, I was very impressed. The children pretended to be a sacred elephant when they were outside and we also practiced our Bollywood dancing.  They were amazing.


  In our current theme ‘Cry Freedom’, we have been learning all about slavery in Ancient Greece. Today we discussed the Spartons and Helots. Our focus points were – -Did the Spartans ‘own’ the Helots? -Should the Helots have rebelled as there were more of them? -Were the Spartans wrong to


The children in Reception have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Day and how the soldiers fought in the war for our country.  We watched video clips and a PowerPoint to help us have a deeper understanding of this and observed a one minute silence in commemoration.  The children mad


Written by 2 Red: This morning, 2 Red have made some poppies and soldiers for Remembrance Day.  We are so grateful to all of the people who have protected and continue to protect us and our country. We are so proud of you!