Art News


Today in 2 Red we learned about an inspirational artist who overcame challenges in his life by adapting and learning new skills. The writer and artist Christy Brown, who had cerebral palsy, used his left foot to create his work. We tried this out in class and have decided he must have spent a lot of


This week in our LMTW  theme ‘Come fly with me Asia’  we have looked at Chinese traditions, including New Year.  We tried some Chinese food,  wrote our names in the style of Chinese writing, looked at traditional dress, designing our own and had a race, just like the animals in the Chinese Zodia


To celebrate International Artists Day we held a whole school assembly. Some of our children enjoyed learning about international artists so much that they created their own artist projects over the half term break. Well done!


We started our new Learning Means The World theme, The Arctic and used our Geography skills to find the Arctic and other continents on a map.  Then we compared  the weather in this part of the world with our weather. Next we  experimented with ice in our Science lessons and tried to think of plac